Learning about Figures of Speech and Symbolism


Marta.jpgMarta Lueders is an 8th grade student in Janet Mosby's class and she recently learned about using figures of speech and symbolism in her Moving Beyond the Page curriculum. In her writing assignment below, Marta had to refer to the different senses. Great job Marta!

Stepping out of the car the air bit at my face. My breath blew out in sharp puffs of smoke-like steam. I pulled my scarf up and over my nose for the fifth time, as I laced up my ice skates. The lake was frozen solid, and around it was surrounded completely by undergrowth covered in thousands of white needles. The snow was so heavy on some of the smaller trees that they were doubled over, like little old men. I push off with my skates, wiping my dripping nose. I dodged people who were carving statues out of ice, and although it wasn't snowing, the chainsaws blew showers of waterfalls in cascading flecks of ice. The air was filled with the sounds of motors, and sled dogs yipping out little cries and whines. My cheeks burned from the bitterly frozen air. I was ice skating on Lake Louise, Canada in the dead of winter.

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