The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Madi.jpgMadison Brenneman is a seventh grade student in Janet Mosby's class and she is using Moving Beyond the Page curriculum. Madison wrote the following poem and her teacher said that she really appreciates Madison's hard work and effort this year.

My Bio Poem


Son of African slave

Lover of his wife

Who feels homesick, comforted, and sadness when he is on the raft with Huck

Who gives parentship, love, and care

Who fears snakes, bad luck and being sold

Who would like to see freedom, his family and Huck

Who lives with the widow


 (Douglas is his masters last name which would be his last name in the slavery situation, Twain never tells us Jim's last name) (he lived with widow Douglas for the beginning and we don't know where he lived after, you could say on the raft)

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