Student Retention (Grades K-8)


The Valley School District and CVA recognize that individual student's physical, social, emotional, and academic growth rates vary and that grade-level assignments by age are not always in the best interest of students (see VSD Policy 2421). Individual growth characteristics are primarily addressed through personalized Written Student Learning Plans (WSLP). Retaining or "holding back" a student to repeat a grade is a carefully considered decision in collaboration with parents, the homeroom teacher, the principal, and a team of CVA professionals.

Retaining students is only considered for K-8 students. High school students advance yearly from 9th through 12th grades and can continue earning high school credits until graduation requirements are met or until their 21st birthday.

Homeroom teachers follow the retention process beginning no later than the end of March:

  • A parent request starts the retention process after consulting with the student’s homeroom teacher and CVA Principal;
  • The homeroom teacher will implement multi-tiered interventions and monitor student progress; 
  • The homeroom teacher presents a collection of evidence to the Student Success Team (SST) for general education students and the IEP team for students in special education;
  • SST or IEP Teams will provide a recommendation of retention or not to retain after considering evidence from multiple valid measures;
  • The homeroom teacher will consult with the parent and CVA Principal regarding the team recommendation;
  • The parent must send a written retention request to the CVA Principal;
  • After consulting with the Superintendent, the CVA Principal will make the final decision per VSD Policy 2421 and communicate the decision to the parent in writing;
  • The retention letter is added to the student cumulative file. 
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