CVA has incredible students!


Tang.jpgAlthough we could write amazing articles about any of our students, one example is Maximus Tang. Maximus started with CVA in 3rd grade and is now an 8th grade student. He is a positive, outgoing leader with strong faith. Serving others is one of his core values and he loves to participate in his church youth group activities as an anointed worship leader. Maximus is also a leader in his family as the oldest of three brothers and a baby sister. His friends enjoy his kindness and enthusiasm. His CVA teachers appreciate his sense of responsibility, work ethic, and creativity. One of Maximus’s outstanding characteristics is his witty humor, as illustrated in the video he produced for an assignment in his CVA Online Leadership Skills Development course. Our students are what makes CVA great!

Video credits:

Background music is by Imovie, one song is by Eptic (its called Like A Boss), one song is by My Little Pony (it's called My Little Pony Theme Song), sound effects is by Splice, products made by Sony were in the video, a product made by Cabela's was in there as well, and My Little Pony stuffed animals made by TY and My Little Pony. I used the programs Imovie and splice to put the video together. 

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