Learning about the artist!


Titus.jpgTitus Brenneman is a third grade CVA student in Mrs. Mosby's art class. Titus is using Atelier Art Level 3 curriculum and he was learning about the artist, Piet Mondrian, who was most famous for the De Stijl movement.  Titus created the geometric abstraction in this picture and his reflective thoughts below were most interesting.

"The art I did was copying art like Mondrian. He drew squares and rectangles. He only used red, yellow, and blue. Those are primary colors. Every square had to have black lines around it. Sometimes those lines were thick and sometimes thin. I liked doing this art. It was nice. I liked doing this art because he made really beautiful art. I liked the design of it. It was plain, simple, but busy at the same time. There was so much lightness and darkness at the same time. There was not busy, but kind of empty. It shows alot of everything. It is like a new kid at school. No one talks to him and everybody else is with everyone else. He is like a lone color. Mondrian's art is specific and no one else really uses his art."

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