Your first week!


Your homeroom teacher will be calling you on the telephone.

Refer to your calendar on a regular basis and notice how the schedule you created is working out. The key to success is constantly monitoring how your schedule is working for your student and adjust accordingly. Can they take on more or do they need more breaks?

Initial Contact Activity: Your first submission in Buzz

  • Students using text-based curriculum will receive get-to-know-you questions then begin working on the first lessons
  • Online students will begin working on first assignment.

How to access and navigate online courses:

  • Log into Buzz using your student account and password.
  • Select the appropriate course.
  • On the left side of the screen in the gray bar there is a list of modules. This is similar to the table of contents of a traditional textbook. Module is another word for ‘unit.’ You will find module folders under ‘announcements’ and ‘to-do.’ Please navigate your course from this list and NOT the to-do list. Items in the to-do list open assignments, but not course content.
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