Public School Enrollment


When students are enrolled in CVA they become part of a public school Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program. Students enrolled in a public education ALE program can attend part-time or full-time and are subject to the rules and regulations governing public schools, which include being supervised, monitored, instructed, assessed and evaluated by a certified staff person.

In accordance with the law, prior to a student’s enrollment, a parent or guardian must attest that he or she has read and understood the Declaration of Understanding that defines the differences between the CVA program and home-based instruction.

Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA) is not home-based instruction, but a public school program in which learning activities primarily occur outside of the traditional classroom setting. It is this public school enrollment that opens the door to resources and instructional guidance that will provide a quality education for your student in support of his or her individual Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) goals.

Home-based instruction means that students are not part of a public or private school program and their instruction is provided solely by the parent or guardian. Students receiving home-based instruction are therefore not subject to rules and regulations that govern public schools and the public school is under no obligation to provide instruction or resources.

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