The Calvert Kindergarten through Eighth Grade virtual school curriculum is built on a rich foundation of reading, writing, and arithmetic. That foundation is then layered with history, science, music, geography, and the arts to ensure no gaps in instruction.

Calvert Curriculum Development Specialists, all former classroom teachers, work on your behalf to find the finest curriculum material for your child. They research major textbook offerings from major educational publishers to find material that is most effective for parents. If they do not find material that meets Calvert's high standards, they develop their own.

Each course combines the best classroom-tested materials, teacher-created Lesson Manuals, and proven educational methodologies all in one complete, meticulously planned curriculum that guides you through each day of home instruction with easy-to-use lesson plans.

Family Resources:

Course Outlines

Packing Lists

Accessing Answer Keys (Calvert is working on an updated video, so please note the following about these video instructions)

  • After signing in to Calvert Teaching Navigator (CTN), parents will need to click on the student name if they have more than one student.
  • Parents will not see the whole schedule as demonstrated in the video. Parents will need to select the appropriate course that is in the left navigation bar to access answer keys.


Calvert K-8 Curriculum

Tips for teaching Multiple Children Using Calvert Curriculum

Math in Focus Teaching Tips for Grades 1-2

Math in Focus Teaching Tips for Grades 3-5

Math in Focus Teaching Tips for Grades 6-8


Writing and Composition

Scope and Sequence:

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