Accessing Instructional Resources


When establishing the student’s Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP), instructional resources (curriculum) are selected from the CVA Course Catalog. The instructional resources are subsequently shipped to families and/or made available online at no cost to families.

For students with previously loaned CVA instructional resources, these assets must be returned before instructional resources for the new school year will be processed and shipped. Please visit the CVA Family Returns Center to create a free shipping label to return items to the Instructional Resource Center (IRC).

If students need any of the returnable items in the following year, they may be retained over the summer, provided students have a completed enrollment and the items are listed on the upcoming school year's approved learning plan. 

In the event that students complete their courses before the end of the school year, then they can consult with their CVA teacher for guidance on free online resources to reinforce student learning and/or introduce new concepts.

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