Viewing Instructional Resource Shipping Information

  1. Go to  
  2. Sign in with your CVA parent account
  3. Select My Students from the Parents menu.

Asset Status:

  • Checking Availability - the item is not readily available
  • Ordered - the order for this item has been placed with the vendor
  • Preparing for Shipment - the item has been received at the IRC
  • Shipped* - the item has been shipped by the IRC or the direct-ship item has been processed by CVA
  • Returned - the item was returned to the IRC
  • Shared Asset - only one of these items will be sent because it can be shared by other students in the family
  • Not Available - the item is no longer available
  • Not Returned - the item was not returned to the IRC
  • Retained - the item was retained for the following school year

* Please note that direct-ship items will receive a status of “Shipped” once they are processed by CVA and it could be a few days before the vendor actually ships the item to the family.

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