Where can I learn more about Headsprout Early Reading?


To learn more about how to use Headsprout, visit the brief online orientation at: https://www.headsprout.com/main/VideoLibrary.

The online orientation will give you an overview of Headsprout Early Reading and explain how to use Sprout Stories and Benchmark Reading Assessments. Here are a few notes from Headsprout:

To get the most out of Headsprout Early Reading, it is important for students to follow our Three Guiding Principles for Reading Success.

They are:

  1. Complete a minimum of 3 episodes a week - Our research has shown that consistent use of the program yields the highest outcomes
  2. Speak out loud when prompted by the program -
    Speaking Out Loud helps ensure the transfer from screen to reading printed books
  3. Read all 80 Sprout Stories while progressing through the program -
    Reading the Sprout Stories reinforces what was taught on-line and provides the opportunity for students to practice and extend their newly learned skills


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