What is CVA?


CVA is a statewide K-12, public education program that supports parents as the first and most important educators of their children, who have the fundamental right and duty to make educational decisions for them. Parents and guardians can choose from among many options to ensure their children receive a quality education. By choosing CVA, they can customize an education that is right for their child, all with the guidance, resources and support of CVA. Unlike districts that contract with private companies, CVA is a partnership of Washington State public school districts.

Through CVA, families are able to enjoy the benefits of being highly involved in their child’s learning while accessing the resources made available to all public school students in the state.

CVA is a fully accredited program and all courses available through CVA are aligned to state curriculum standards. According to CVA annual reports, students in CVA do as well as or better than their counterparts in a traditional setting on assessments. This success is attributed to increased parental involvement, personalized learning approaches, positive relationships and quality curricula.

CVA is a participating Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program

  • ALE is authorized under WAC 392-121-182.
  • Students are enrolled in public education either full-time or part-time.
  • Students are subject to the rules and regulations governing public school students, including course, graduation and assessment requirements for all portions of the ALE.
  • Learning experiences are:
    • Supervised, monitored, assessed and evaluated by certified staff.
    • Provided via a written student learning plan.
    • Provided in whole or part, outside the regular classroom.
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