How to Return Instructional Resources


All returnable instructional resources must be returned, at CVA expense, to CVA-Central upon completion of a course of study. If your student needs any of the returnable items in the following year, you may retain them over the summer, provided your student has a completed enrollment and the items are listed on the upcoming school year's approved learning plan. 

The following lists provide some examples of returnable and non-returnable instructional resources. These lists are by no means exhaustive, so please ask your CVA teacher for further clarification or determination of an item’s status if you are uncertain.

Examples of Returnable Instructional Resources

  • All books: literature/reading, textbooks, manuals, reference books, dictionaries, music, encyclopedia, etc.
  • Manipulatives
  • Computers or other technological equipment
  • CDs, DVDs, videos

Examples of Non-returnable Instructional Resources

  • Workbooks
  • Art supplies, such as paint, colored pencils, art paper, etc.
  • Science kits with materials that are “used up”

In all cases, CVA staff will consider the vendor’s and/or publisher’s description of the product or service when determining whether or not the item is a returnable or non-returnable item, and whether it supports the objectives identified in the WSLP.

Instructions on how to return your CVA instructional resources:

  • Pack instructional resources in a rigid box in excellent condition with no punctures, tears, rips, or corner damage, and that has all flaps intact. NOTE: Your box should not exceed 50 lbs.
  • Be sure to cushion the contents of your package properly. Examples of good cushioning materials are:
    • Air-encapsulated plastic (small and large cell bubble sheeting)
    • Crumpled craft paper (not newspaper)
    • Expanded polystyrene "peanuts" (loose fill)
  • Close your container securely by using a strong tape (two inches or more in width). Do not use masking tape, cellophane tape, duct tape, string, or paper over-wrap.
  • Weigh your package and click here to print out a label for shipping your package via UPS for FREE!

If you still have questions, please submit a Support Request and one of our instructional resource experts will assist you. 

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