Lost or Damaged Instructional Resource Policy

  1. Parents or guardians are financially liable for materials loaned by CVA. The borrower is responsible for all returnable resources checked out to their family.
  2. All assets are understood to be exposed to normal wear and tear. Items returned showing damage considered beyond normal wear shall be repaired or replaced by CVA at the expense of the borrower. The cost for repair or replacement will be charged to the parent or guardian by CVA. Materials lost or damaged beyond repair will be paid for by the borrower. Please contact your CVA teacher for further information or guidance.
  3. When possible, damaged books will be repaired and remain in circulation.
  4. Electronic items that require repair, such as computers and other technology equipment, will be repaired by CVA technology staff or, if necessary, sent to an authorized facility for repair.
  5. In certain cases, CVA will accept duplicate copies of lost or damaged items as replacement if they have not already been paid for and the replacement is of comparable value. Duplicate copies will be accepted if the title is out-of-print or difficult to purchase, or if the ISBN of the duplicate copy matches the ISBN of the lost or damaged copy. Duplicate copies must be in good condition to be accepted. All duplicate copy offers must be approved by CVA administration.
  6. Refunds will not be given for returned materials previously deemed “lost.” In certain cases the CVA may offer to purchase items that have been paid for and later found if the item is out-of-print, or difficult to replace and returned in good condition. All such purchases must be approved by CVA administration.
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