State Assessments


CVA is a public education program required to administer state assessments. Therefore, all CVA students in grades 3-8 and at the high school level are expected to participate in state assessments at each grade level. High school students earning a diploma through CVA must take and pass the tests indicated on the State Testing website as part of their graduation requirements. For more information on the Washington State Comprehensive Assessment Program, access the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI) website.

CVA students will take state assessment exams at a time and place prearranged by CVA staff. CVA teachers will be discussing state testing with their families and can answer questions and concerns that families may have. When the State releases paper test results, they will be mailed directly to the student's home address.

For ages where no state assessment is required, an alternative method of assessment that measures a student’s academic progress each year will be administered. Annual assessments are a requirement of all enrolled CVA students as per WAC 392-550-050.

The state assessment system, called the Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program (WCAP), comprises tests for grades 3-12. For grade-specific assessments and other valuable testing information, please visit the State Testing page on the OSPI website.

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