Middle School Students Taking High School Courses


Middle school students may enroll in certain high-school courses under the following conditions:

  • The high-school course is offered by a CVA middle school and there is enrollment capacity; and
  • The student is academically ready to take the high school level course.

For school years prior to 2019-20:

All high school academic level credits, taken prior to high school, can be used, if certain conditions are met.  The family or student must request the courses to be added to the high school transcript (giving the student high school credit) regardless of the letter grade the student earned in the course. Even if the course is a state graduation requirement (i.e., WSH), courses taken prior to 2019-20 are not automatically included on the high school transcript. Courses taken prior to the 2019-20 school year cannot be removed once placed on the transcript. 

Beginning with the 2019-20 school year:

RCW 28A.230.090(4)(a)(b) and WAC 180-51-030 require that all high school rigor courses taken and passed by students in grades 7 and 8, be awarded high school credit and placed on the high school transcript.  The credits can be removed if requested by the student or parent/guardian prior to the end of the student’s grade 11 school year.  District policy will determine the procedure for requesting the removal of these credits. At the request of the student or parent/guardian, credits that are to remain on the high school transcript may be transcribed with a non-numerical grade, e.g., Pass or Credit.  The non-numerical grade is not included in GPA calculation, but the credit will apply to fulfilling graduation requirements.  The grade can be changed to a non-numerical value if requested by the student or parent/guardian prior to the end of the student’s grade 11 school year. 

Washington State History (WSH)/Pacific Northwest (PNW) courses taken in grades 7 or 8:

If the Washington State History (WSH)/Pacific Northwest (PNW) course is at a middle school academic level, then it is not listed with the other courses in the Academic Record section of the transcript; however, since it is a state graduation requirement, a “Met” designation is noted under the “Additional State Requirements” section. CVA offers this course as a middle school academic level course.


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