How do I return instructional resources to CVA?


Instructions on how to return your CVA instructional resources:

  • Pack instructional resources in a rigid box in excellent condition with no punctures, tears, rips, or corner damage, and that has all flaps intact. NOTE: Your box should not exceed 50 lbs.
  • Be sure to cushion the contents of your package properly. Examples of good cushioning materials are:
    • Air-encapsulated plastic (small and large cell bubble sheeting)
    • Crumpled craft paper (not newspaper)
    • Expanded polystyrene "peanuts" (loose fill)
  • Close your container securely by using a strong tape (two inches or more in width). Do not use masking tape, cellophane tape, duct tape, string, or paper over-wrap.
  • Weigh your package and click here to print out a label for shipping your package via UPS for FREE!

If you still have questions, please submit a Support Request to the CVA Instructional Resource Team. 

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