Support Basics


The CVA customer support system is hosted online by Zendesk. The online Help Center allows CVA to serve customers even when our customer support agents are unavailable.

Customer support agents are available year-round, Monday thru Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (except federal holidays). Support requests are routed to one of our support groups and a customer support agent is assigned to the request to provide assistance until the request is solved. 

You can find answers to most questions by searching the CVA Help Center. You can access support by submitting your request using the online form or by using one of the support or help tabs on our Main Website and CVA Family Portal. You can also contact support by calling (855) 525-2270. If a support agent is not available to take your call, please leave a detailed message and a support ticket will be created for you automatically.

When support requests are created online, automated email responses are sent to requestors with the subject line – “A message from CVA Support Services.” This email contains the ticket number and details or follow up information to your ticket. This automated email and subsequent emails will also alert you about the status of the request. You may also check the request status and history from the CVA Support Desk.

  • New means that the request was received but that it has not been opened and has probably not been assigned to an agent. The New status can indicate that the support team is evaluating it to determine who should be assigned to resolve it.
  • Open means that the request has been assigned to an agent who is working to resolve it.
  • Pending means that the assigned agent has a follow-up question for the requester. The agent may need more information about the support issue. Requests that are set to Pending typically remain that way until the requester responds and provides the information the agent needs to continue resolving the request.
  • On-hold means that the support request is awaiting resolution from a third party—someone who is not a member of your support staff and does not have an agent account in your Zendesk.
  • Solved means that the agent has resolved the support issue. Solved tickets are closed, typically, a number of days after they have been set to Solved. Until a ticket is closed, the requester can reopen the ticket. For example, the requester may not agree with the agent that the support issue is resolved.
  • Closed means that the ticket is complete and can't be reopened. Requesters however can create follow-up requests for closed requests.






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