Is CVA Accredited?


Yes! Under the direction of AdvancED, CVA engaged in a highly developed standards review, self-study and third-party assessment to meet unique requirements for digital learning institutions through the accreditation process during the 2014-15 school year. CVA was initially accredited during the 2010- 2011 school year through Northwest Accreditation Commission, which is now part of AdvancED.

The educational practices are reviewed and evaluated by benchmarks of good practice and pertain to specific indicators within five standards.

These include:

  • Standard 1 - Purpose and Direction,
  • Standard 2 - Governance and Leadership,
  • Standard 3 - Teaching and Assessing for Learning,
  • Standard 4 - Resources and Support Systems, and
  • Standard 5 - Using Results for Continuous Improvement.

The ultimate goal of the accreditation process is to help schools maximize student success and institution effectiveness. Institutions are encouraged to use the educational practices to ensure quality practices are implemented with the goal of increasing student achievement and continuously improving the educational experience for all students.

In order to earn and/or maintain accreditation, a school or school system must: 1) meet the accreditation standards, policies and procedures of AdvancED; 2) host an External Review Team at least once every five years; 3) engage in continuous improvement. No later than two years following the External Review, the school/school system completes a progress report on the Required Actions.

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