Parent Role


Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA) is not a program where even the most independent learner can be left alone to work without parental support and guidance. As part of CVA's partnership with families, parents facilitate student learning by:

  • delivering daily lessons (text-based curriculum, K-8);
  • monitoring student progress (online curriculum, K-12);
  • planning and navigating daily academic schedules;
  • ensuring students are completing work;
  • assisting with grading of student work;
  • collaborating with CVA teachers;
  • facilitating regular submission of work samples;
  • preparing students for monthly reviews;
  • preparing students for assessments'
  • ensuring students have the necessary technology (high speed internet, updated browsers, plugins and settings, speakers and microphones, as applicable) and know how to use it;
  • ensuring safe keeping and good care of all CVA instructional resources loaned to students ;
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