College Bound Scholarship


Attention 7th and 8th grade students and parents. Here is a great resource for those wanting to go to college but need financial assistance to make it a reality.

Established by the Legislature in 2007, the College Bound Scholarship program provides financial assistance to low-income students who want to achieve the dream of a college education. This early promise of financial aid is intended to alleviate the financial barriers that prevent low-income students from considering higher education as a possibility.

The scholarship covers tuition (at comparable colleges), some fees, and a small book allowance.

The scholarship is available to 7th and 8th grade students whose family income meets the guidelines or who are in foster care. The deadline to sign up is June 30 of the students' 8th grade year.

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For the class of 2024, the deadline to complete the application has been extended to November 30 for students entering their 9th-grade year.

Requirements for College-bound Scholarship

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