Roth Boys Sustainable Agriculture Wins at Gorge Soup


Gorge Soup winners

Three CVA students, brothers Joel, Nathan and Gabriel Roth, were awarded second place and $1,000 to pursue their agricultural businesses after presenting a speech and answering questions at a micro-philanthropy event called Gorge Soup.

“I was so proud of them,” said the boys’ mom, Michelina. “They wrote the speech together, with a little help from my husband and I, editing. Nate gave the speech, but they all answered questions.”

CVA teacher Janet Mosby noted that, “this family is outstanding in their investigations and learning and in doing things that are interesting and benefit communities.”

According to their website, “Gorge Soup is a dinner where people buy tickets, come to dinner, and eat soup with up to 50-100 other Gorge community members. Meanwhile, dinner guests listen to quick presentations given by people starting a new business, creating a nonprofit, or developing community solutions. At the end of the dinner, everyone votes on who had the best project/business/solution/idea, and the winner gets the ticket money. Really, it’s a fun way to learn about what great things are happening in our community and support these ideas.”

Below is the speech the Roth boys presented at the Gorge Soup for Kids event on February 26th.

Good evening!  My name is Nathaniel Roth and my brothers Gabe, Joel, and myself are partnering, our project is called “the Roth Boys Sustainable Agriculture”.  

  • Joel is raising pastured pork
  • Gabe is selling free range chicks and eggs
  • and I am starting a Goat Dairy

We have all been raised around farm animals and really believe in sustainable farming. When we learned about Gorge Soup we thought this was a great way to help bring our business to the community. We are hoping to get funds to help with some of our start-up costs.

Joel raised one pig last year along with our family’s pigs and he had a lot of fun doing it. His favorite thing to do was make the pigs a mud pit and watch them play in the mud. He also loved feeding them treats. He made a small profit once he paid for his pig and feed. This year he is hoping to raise 3 or 4 pigs. Joel is looking for funds because he needs to buy the baby piglets, their feed, and more fencing to expand his pig business.

My brother Gabe is interested in chickens, basically everything to do with chickens, he loves chickens and has kept chickens since he was six and is very attached to some of his birds (particularly his favorite rooster Hercules). Gabe wants to sell his baby chicks and cage free eggs to the community.  Gabe will breed and care for his own chicks, with the help of his broody mama hens.  He will offer a return policy that allows his customers to exchange roosters for hens of the same breed and age if they can’t keep the roosters. Gabe needs money to build a better Breeding Coop and purchase his specific breeding chickens. 

My project is working with goats because I love goats.  I have two milk goats currently, and have cared for and bread goats the past few years. My favorite thing to do is feed them branches and herd them through our woods. My goal is to sell raw goat milk to the community, which will require getting licensed as a Grade A Dairy. This means a separate milking room, a processing room and inspections. Good thing my parents are willing to help, giving me a lot of room in our garage. Starting a Goat Dairy is hard to do because the licensing and equipment for processing is expensive, in addition to the goats and feed, especially when you are young.

Our partnership “The Roth Boys Sustainable Agriculture” will make money by selling our products in and around the White Salmon area. We think that local, sustainable food is important for everybody, so we intend to donate 10% of our first year’s profits to our local food bank (in pork from Joel’s business or cash).

We plan to use the rest of the profit to pay for our extracurricular and educational activities and eventually college. We plan to keep our businesses running for several years, at least until we have all left for college.

Again I’m Nathaniel and I am 12, and my brothers Gabe who will be 14 next month and Joel who turns 10 next month. We want to thank you for allowing us to present to the Gorge Soup tonight.

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