The Lost Colony Of Roanoke


When John White left to England to get supplies, he told the settlers to leave a message if they left the colony . When he came back, there was absolutely no sign of life in the colony whatsoever. Three clues had been left behind though. The bones of one man, the word “Croatoan” carved in a log, and “CRO” carved in a tree. That was five hundred years ago.

Recently, archaeologists have found artifacts used by English settlers in two different locations. They have a new theory. They believe that the settlers had split into two groups and one went south to another island, while the other went inland to the mainland. Once there, they joined the Croatoan Indian tribes, but kept their own belongings. Because the artifacts found were things only English settlers would use, and Indians had no use for, they have reason to believe that. Could Croatoan and CRO be the message left by the settlers? Is the lost colony of Roanoke, really lost?

Documented by: Kailee P. Oens, 5th grade CVA student

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