Staff Member Spotlight - Lori Knight


New Special Education para-educator for CVA-Valley, Lori Knight, previously worked at Springdale Elementary School for three years. She was born in Portland, Oregon, and has been married to her husband, Charlie, who is a native of Springdale, for 22 years. “I love living out in the country – I’m a country girl at heart,” professes Lori. She enjoys working out in the yard (when the weather is nice) and loves flowers and good books, “ones that are inspiring, encouraging and help you to be a better person,” shares Lori. She is also interested in health and likes to try out new recipes. “I really like my job at CVA. I enjoy working with my students and with the wonderful CVA team here,” states Lori. She has adopted several of the sayings by Gary Smalley and always remembers one in particular: “Life is relationships, the rest is just details.”

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