What are virtual classrooms?


The purpose of a virtual classroom is to focus student-teacher communications on course curriculum. The list of activities in each classroom mirrors the timeline (journey map) for the curriculum. The intent is for students to provide teachers with work samples or learning reflections from respective sections of the curriculum and for teachers to provide meaningful feedback.

Important facts about virtual classroom activities:

  1. Activities are not assignments.
  2. Activities help students receive meaningful feedback from CVA teachers.
  3. Activities help CVA teachers determine progress through the curriculum.
  4. Activity submissions are intended to be a sampling of work from the respective section of curriculum and do not need to encompass all work completed.
  5. CVA teachers score activity submissions based on student participation (not quality of work).
  6. CVA teachers may request a retry on activity submissions that need more information.
  7. Students and parents may request a retry on activity submissions to provide additional work samples or learning reflections.
  8. Individual student progress through the curriculum will determine the number of activity submissions each week.
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