Science Explorer How-to Suggestions


We recommend following the basic outline of the curriculum Journey Map, but parents have the option to pick and choose lessons/activities that are of particular interest to students. Please notify your teacher if you choose a different outline.

Some how-to suggestions:

  • Have students read each section and answer the section assessment questions at the end, following the Journey Map sequence.
  • Use the Guided Reading Study Workbook (highly recommended) to guide learning for each section.
  • Most students will want more than simply reading, looking at pictures, and answering questions. Here are some suggestions to make the content more engaging:
    • Access online content and activities here by choosing a book, opening a chapter, and selecting a link or activity. Preview a sample link here
    • Look for “Zone Lab” activities integrated throughout the student texts. Some activities will be difficult to do because of the materials required, but many of the activities use everyday household items and are fun and engaging. The Teacher Edition has a quick reference section to “Zone Labs.” Go to the “Activities Section” in the front of the Teacher Guide, right after “Contents.” Some labs are suggested to do before reading, some labs are designed to reinforce key concepts learned, and some labs allow the student to practice specific science inquiry skills. These different labs are listed by sections in the teacher guide: Chapter Project, Discover Activity, Try This Activity, Skills Activity – there is a list of activities specifically designed to be done at home. Hands-on learners may want to center learning around the hand-on activates.

Other tips:

  • Prentice Hall Science doesn’t have set tests. However, the end of each section includes assessment questions (under the heading "Review and Assessment") and the teacher's edition provides the answer keys on the far right hand side of the corresponding page.
  • The answers to the student work books are in the Teacher edition on the right and left page margins. The structure is a little bit different but the answers are all there. Use the corresponding page numbers and the bold headings in the student workbook and teacher edition to locate the answers. Parents might have students check their own work by using the teacher edition. This will reinforce their learning.
  • CVA does not provide the “All in One Teacher Resource.” This is designed for the classroom setting and most of these resources are irrelevant and not necessary to a home study of this curriculum.
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