Rescinding Choice Transfer Agreements


While it is our aim that every CVA student successfully completes their school year, situations arise that require us to determine whether or not CVA is a good fit for some students. The following conditions will be used in making decisions for rescinding choice transfer agreements:

  • Whether the student has more than three (3) consecutive unsatisfactory progress
    evaluations and there is no other course of study or another educational program
    offered by the district that would more appropriately meet the student's educational
  • Whether the student’s parent failed to complete the enrollment process and
    contact with the parent could not be made to determine the educational choice for the
  • Whether the parent or guardian falsified or withheld information on enrollment
  • Whether the student failed to attend any of the first fifteen (15) days of school
    and contact with the parent could not be made to determine if the educational choice
    for the student has changed.
  • Whether the student has twenty (20) or more consecutive absences.
  • Whether the student or parent of a student is unwilling to demonstrate the
    necessary trust or respect that is required for a successful parent-partnership program.
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