Student Age Requirements


Specific age requirements must be met when students enter public school in the state of Washington. In accordance with state law, "A child must be five years of age as of midnight August 31 of the year of entry to be entitled to enter kindergarten (WAC 392-335-010). School districts may adopt regulations that provide for a screening process and/or instrument(s) which measure the ability or the need, or both, of an individual student to succeed in earlier entry according to the option for exceptions to uniform entry qualification requirements (WAC 392-335-025)." RCW 28A.225.160

Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA) is an alternative learning experience (ALE), public school program within the Valley School District. Valley School District has a policy in place to allow students to enroll on/after the student's fifth birthday (see the attached Valley School District Policy 3110 2.2). Student eligibility is based on a screening process, as well as CVA's program capacity. 



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