Understanding WIDA ACCESS Score Reports


Each student receives a detailed report of performance on a WIDA ACCESS assessment. The report shows proficiency level and scale scores for all four language domains: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

Proficiency level scores describe performance based on six levels:

Proficiency level scores are a whole number followed by a decimal and number. The whole number reflects the proficiency level. The number after the decimal reflects how far the student has progressed within the proficiency level.

Scale scores track student growth over time. It is reported as a single number within a band that shows the Standard Error of Measurement (SEM):

The SEM (reflected in the Confidence Band) represents the range of potential outcomes.

Listening and Reading tests are machine-scored. Writing responses are scored by trained raters. Recorded speaking responses are scored by trained raters while the constructed responses in speaking are scored by the test administrator.

Proficiency level scores and scale scores are combined into composite scores:

            Oral Language




All four domain tests must be completed to receive a composite score. Composite scores are helpful in summarizing student skills, but the individual performance in each domain is more informative.


Kindergarten ACCESS scores:


At the bottom of the score report, there is an explanation as to what a student at the earned proficiency level can generally do using English. 

Students must show engagement in a test area to receive score information:

  • Listening & Reading – Respond to at least one scored item
  • Speaking – The record function was activated for at least one scored item. A human voice does not need to be detected.
  • Writing – One visible character was entered in the online response box or there is a marking in the response page of a test booklet.

Resources (see attachments to this article):

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