Your first day!

  • Set up your computer for a good beginning. Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers work best for CVA websites.
  • Check your printer and ink and make sure your scanner is ready.
  • You should already have your login information to access CVA websites. See this support article if you forgot your password. See this support article to learn more about Family and Student accounts. 
  • It is best not to save your CVA password in the web browser if students share a computer. Students should sign out of web browsers when done with CVA websites so it is ready for another student to use.
  • Become familiar with the navigation of the Buzz learning management system by using the student orientation course and note the welcome section in each course.
  • Develop a notebook or folder that includes:
    • Your CVA school calendar
    • Teachers name(s) and contact information (phone, email). 
    • Login information and passwords.
    • Create a daily schedule and routine for each subject. Discuss these expectations with your child and post the schedule in their study area and in the notebook.
  • Look for a welcome email message from your homeroom teacher. You can imagine how busy the first days are for your teacher. If you call your teacher and they do not answer, be sure to leave a detailed message including your full name and phone number so your call can be returned. Often in the first few days, email is the best way to contact your teacher as the phones get pretty busy.
  • Online students should become familiar with each of their courses. Look for teacher announcements in each course for further information. You will see a list of modules on the left side of your screen. This list is much like a table of contents in a book. Each module is similar to a unit with a number of lessons and activities. You will complete lessons in order. Do not bounce around or skip over lessons.
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